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  • “Thousand takes it to the next level…”

  • “The freewheeling cool of Easy Rider and the ruggedness of a jockey on the gallops.”

  • “Thousand – is a thing of beauty”

  • “creative picks that got our pulses racing”

  • “A stylish design…so casual riders can now ride simply and safety.”

  • “...high-performance, stylish, unisex bike helmets aimed at eliminating the stigma of wearing a helmet."

  • “Apparently more elusive than world peace? A decent-looking bike helmet.”

  • “Not only do I always wear this helmet in town, I look for new reasons to get on my bike.”

  • “an urban biking essential...”

  • “not just attractive retro styling, but also a innovative anti-theft locking system.”

  • “A helmet that’s actually nice looking.”

  • “A modern rethinking of safety gear.”

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